Thursday, 16 March 2017

Assembly Winner!

Today Te Ako Titoki hosted an assembly at Newmarket Primary school. The children were so excited to present there learning and sing some songs. 

First we sang Tēnā Koutou to welcome our guests. Our syndicate was very lucky and had 35 parents come to support our assembly. 11 of which were parents from my class. 

The big moment came when our class was presenting our study on the Treaty of Waitangi.
It could not have gone any better, they showed real leadership and perseverance. The children all remembered there lines and spoke clearly. I think that the crowd was impressed by the amount of information and detail that they had discovered in this topic study. 

The slides were a very good suggestion from my team member. It really helped the other children stay focused because they were able to read what the children were saying and look at the pictures that went along with the text. 

As the teacher I had great feedback from my peers and other colleagues. I also found it hugely rewarding seeing the less confident students stepping up and having a go. Plus the depth of understanding and amount of information the children were able to learn was excellent. I can't wait till the next assembly. 


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