Thursday, 16 March 2017

Assembly Winner!

Today Te Ako Titoki hosted an assembly at Newmarket Primary school. The children were so excited to present there learning and sing some songs. 

First we sang Tēnā Koutou to welcome our guests. Our syndicate was very lucky and had 35 parents come to support our assembly. 11 of which were parents from my class. 

The big moment came when our class was presenting our study on the Treaty of Waitangi.
It could not have gone any better, they showed real leadership and perseverance. The children all remembered there lines and spoke clearly. I think that the crowd was impressed by the amount of information and detail that they had discovered in this topic study. 

The slides were a very good suggestion from my team member. It really helped the other children stay focused because they were able to read what the children were saying and look at the pictures that went along with the text. 

As the teacher I had great feedback from my peers and other colleagues. I also found it hugely rewarding seeing the less confident students stepping up and having a go. Plus the depth of understanding and amount of information the children were able to learn was excellent. I can't wait till the next assembly. 


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Swimming is here!

It's now week 3 and swimming is here!
This is the first year that I will be supervising my class by myself without a mentor teacher. I had almost forgotten how to do it!
I did remember to get myself organised with some parent helpers which was a good start!
On the first day I made sure all the students were changed into their togs and even rang two parents in the morning who had forgotten to give their children togs to wear. Once it was time to line up I suddenly remembered that I needed to get the children to have a swimming buddy to walk down to the pools with!

As we lined up and began walking down to the pools it all started to come back to me. I remembered to tell the parents to spread out in the line and make sure the children walk in straight lines on the left of the foot path.

We also had some lessons building up to swimming around keeping ourselves safe on the street and at the pools which went really well.

Overall the lessons were very positive. Children were coming out of their shells and improving greatly in their swimming abilities. I also thought that the students all did really well and were able to dress themselves in a timely manner. One piece of feedback I have had was to get the children who had previously attended swimming lessons to inform the instructors of that. There was 2 students who were put in groups more emergent than their skill level.

Titoki Camp 2017

Week 2 is upon and camp is on its way!
This Thursday we had a whole school camp on the school grounds. It took us a few days of preparation to get everything organised. Our syndicate was going to sleep the night in the hall so we took the children down to the hall the day before and got them to lay out where they would be sleeping as a practice.

When the big day arrived the children were extremely excited. The first part of the day involved going to Point Erin pools. The children loved splashing about with their friends. Then it was back to school to set up their beds in the hall ( which required many trips up and down the stairs). After that the children ate dinner and watched the movie, 'The Lorax'.

When the night came, so did the tears. We had at least 5 children who were sobbing and wanting to go home, which I found surprising considering they didn't have to sleep in a small, dark tent! But we persevered and got the children to sleep.

The next morning we rushed to pack up everyone's bedding and went up to the top court for breakfast. After breakfast we did some fabulous jump jam as a whole school.

Overall I found that the camp went really well. Parents were very supportive and helped us out with many different aspects of the day. It was a nice way for students to make friends and have some shared experiences.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Teachers Coaching Teachers

Teacher Only Day - Day 1.
 Today we went to Victoria Avenue Primary School for a lesson on coaching - "Teachers coaching teachers". The session was run by Bernard Fitzgibbon.

I was a little but skeptical about how much i would get out of this session and wasn't sure really what coaching was. But I surprised myself with how much I got out of this session! I am fully on board with coaching!

Coaching "is a dialogue in which the coach and the coachee collaborate to unlock the coachee's potential and maximize performance. It is a relationship that helps coachees to learn and enhance their professional effectiveness and on the job performance..." (Growth Coaching International)

My definition of coaching: Coaching is a partnership where 2 people work collaboratively in a relationship to solve problems and improve the coachee's teaching practice. Focusing on the coachees strengths to help them become self aware and take personal responsibility for their growth and professional goals. The coach helps to maintain a supportive and empowering relationship, whereby the coachee is able to improve their goals and practice.

To coach someone, there is a set process that you can go through. This is the GROWTH process.
G: Goals
R: Reality
O: Options
W: Will
T: Tactics
H: Habits

The goals need to be tight, clearly defined goals - called 'I-SMART' goals. Rather than a 'SLOTH' Goal.

The thing I enjoyed most about today was being able to be the coach to a peer. I found the exercise really enjoyable and helpful. I also got great feedback from my peer about how the exercise went. I look forward to being someones coach this year and also to our second session with Beranrd.


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ulearn here I come!

Ulearn here I come!

Today I arrived in Rotorua ready to attend uLearn 2016. After we signed in we attended the conference showcase which - as the name suggests, showcased 8 different teachers and professionals who will be presenting on different topics at ulearn this year.

I really enjoyed listening to the range of speakers in quick succession. It really grabbed my attention and opened my mind up to a whole lot of interesting ideas and topics. It also gave me a chance to look at some of the key ideas from speakers who I would not be able to see otherwise.

I am eager for my first ulearn breakout session tomorrow. It is a session on modern classrooms and teaching and learning within an ILE class.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Oh how far we have come...

Don’t underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realise. – Unknown.
A few days ago I had a boost in my confidence! I had my appraisal with my tutor teacher and it went really well. She commended me for explaining my learning journey well and for my reflections on my practice. Even though I haven’t had considerable success with my inquiry this year, it is all part of my learning.
After we discussed it, I received some good feedback from her. She praised me for how I have grown as a professional over these last two years as a Beginning Teacher. She also commented and said that I was a leader, I was not overly vocal but a deep thinker and that others had commented on my positive demeanor with students, parents and teachers.
That feedback was nice to hear because I do try to keep a positive attitude and I am glad that other people notice my positive outlook.
We often receive feedback from peers about our teaching style, our ability to meet deadlines, our learner success, and our leadership roles but not often on our character. It was very refreshing!
It has made me think about my personal journey and how far I have come. I hope I can continue to take on all my learning, both positive and challenging with a smile. Sometimes we can be our harshest critic. When in reality it can be good to take a step back and appreciate all the things you do well.
Believe in yourself and your practice. Work hard and you can achieve it.